First time felony, drugs or mental health is a factor.


Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (otherwise known as ILL - although ILC would be a more appropriate acronym) can be found in R.C. 2951.041.

Intervention is a program for people who have had drugs and alcohol as a factor in their crime, or mental health issues were a factor. It is only avaible fi you are charged with a fourth or fifth degree felony and limited other circumstances.

To be approved for Intervention you must get apply, get an assessment by an approved provider, enroll (and start) a drug, alcohol, or mental health program, and enter a plea to your charges.

Once you do this, the judge will withold a finding of guilt and place you on the Intervention program. You will have approximately one year (maybe more) where you will be expected to test negative for drugs, finish your treatment program, and report to your probation officer.



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