Sometimes my clients who are charged with NonSupport of Dependents have been bad parents.  They have avoided their responsibility.  They have hidden their head in the sand.  

Sometimes the other parent in the situation is someone the client wants to avoid.  There are a lot of hurt feelings and bad sentiments between the parties. Because of that, years have gone by since the child has been seen, support has been paid, and the parents have co-parented on the case.

So, the opportunity is: It's now time to pick up the pieces.

Child Support does NOT equal visitation.  You can file to get a visitation order started.


If a visitation order is already in place - you can file contempt to enforce the order.


Child support is sometimes calculated without both parent's input.  You can ask for a modification.


It is an opportunity to find out how much you owe, who you owe it to, and how it was calculated.


If a lot of time has expired, use this opportunity to utilize an experienced professional to help you start a new leaf.  You should have time with your children.  Let me help.



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