Terminating Registration in Ohio

Fortunately, the Ohio version of the Adam Walsh Act does allow for persons convicted of a Tier I sex offense, who have registered for ten years to petition the court to release him (or her) from registration.

When should you start?

If you are a Tier I Sex Offender in Ohio, you would be well advised to start this process now. The law requires a sex offender to show that they ahve stable employment, residence, and other factors are taken into consideration. If you start on this process early you benefit in a couple of ways.

First: You have time to set up a REASONABLE payment plan to make sure that you can have this motion filed on the FIRST DAY you are eligible.

Second: You have time to prepare work records, letters of recommendation, housing history, tax records, and many other items that would make you more likely to find favor in the eye of the judge that you will be facing.

Last time you were in court for this, it was the worst day imaginable. Get started early now, and we will make sure that the result is better.

Lastly: If you get started now, I can represent you. I am planning on filing these motions all over the State of Ohio. This is an area of law I have a passion for. Give me a call and I will get you an appointment (we can do skype or phone call if you are unable to come into the office).



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